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Dear Members:

We are pleased to invite you and your family to attend the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Chinese Society of Nova Scotia.


When: Saturday 7th October 2017 4-6 pm

Where: May Garden Banquet Restaurant (961 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, NS B4A 1A9) followed by a dinner (details enclosed).


The AGM is an important constitutional gathering of the CSNS members to hear about the progress, recent and on-going developments and achievements of the Society during the past year. The AGM also provides a forum for members to discuss a variety of important Society matters. Every member is welcome to put forward any proposals and ideas for the future development of the Society. Please submit your proposals to the Society’s Secretary (csnsca@gmail.com) in writing at least 7 days before the AGM in order for them to be included in the meeting agenda.

Voting members may make nominations for the Executive Committee to be elected at the AGM. This must be done by sending the nominee’s name, the post for which they are nominated, and the names of both the proposer and seconder, to the Executive Committee (csnsca@gmail.com) before AGM (Deadlines see the vacancy announcement for EC and Board director, respectively). The positions that are open for nominations are:

  • Three Board Directors;
  • The Executive Committee including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Directors (Communication, Culture and Education, Sports and Health).


The nomination and consent forms were sent out some time ago and they are enclosed in this notice. The election will be done by a show of hands at AGM. Proxies are acceptable. By constitution, any “special resolution” must be approved by 75% of the attending members (including proxies).

We urge you to attend the AGM to socialize yourself with old and new friends. As an appreciation to members participating the AGM, the after-AGM dinner will be subsidized. ONLY members who attend the AGM are subsidized for the dinner. We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 AGM.


After-AGM Dinner (6:00~9:00PM):

Adult: $25/person. The Society will subsidize $15/person for up to two adults per family for family membership and one adult for individual membership. At least one member must attend the meeting in order to get subsidy.

Child: $5/person.


New members are welcome! Existing members can renew your membership on AGM.

Membership for 2017-2018: Family $40/year, individual $20/year. We accept cash, cheque or email transfer: csnsca@gmail.com


AGM Registration:



Yours sincerely,

The 2016-2017 Executive Committee








年度会员大会是华协成员听取过去一年协会进展情况,近期和持续发展及成就的重要聚会。年度会员大会还为会员提供了一个讨论各种重要社会事务的论坛。 欢迎各位会员为协会未来发展提出建议和意见。会议议程和有关事项请参阅英文说明。


会议时间:2017年10月7日下午4:00 – 6:00PM (周六)

会议地点:May Garden Banquet Restaurant (新美园餐馆), 961 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, NS B4A 1A9

会后晚餐:6:00 – 9:00PM

晚餐价格:大人:$25/人, 小孩:$5/人,如果儿童到成人桌用餐,餐费以成人晚餐价格$25计算。

晚餐补助:华协为参会的家庭会员给予每人$15餐费补助 (要获得该晚餐补助,一个家庭必须派一个家长参加4-6点的AGM大会,其余家庭成员可在6点抵达。请在注册时注明参会人的姓名。另外,家庭会员至多两个大人获得补助).

会员注册:2017-2018 会费和往年一样,没有改变。家庭会员$40,单身会员 $20.  本次AGM将接收新会员和现有会员注册。不收信用卡,只收现金,支票或e-transfer: csnsca@gmail.com




Dear members (particularly recent graduate and new immigrant):

Please read the messages from Nova Scotia Office of Immigration below:


As part of our mandate to support economic growth in Nova Scotia, one of the priorities this year for the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration is international recruitment.

We’ve been working with employers in Nova Scotia to help fill any labour gaps they may have. One of the businesses we have been working with has been looking to hire someone in business administration who is fluent in Chinese.

We were interested in knowing whether there was a way to reach out to you and any international students/recent graduates who would be suitable for the position. Through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, the Atlantic International Graduate Program allows graduates with a job offer to submit an application for permanent resident without first having to obtain work experience.

If there is someone you could direct me towards who would be able to provide assistance, that would be greatly appreciated.   All the best,

Emma Richter

Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

Nova Scotia Office of Immigration

1469 Brenton St., 3rd floor

Halifax, NS, B3J 2J9

(902) 424-3603

9月19日 加拿大哈利法克斯人才招聘会
地点:CLARI, Atrium 340 (Located in the SMU Library Building)

The Chinese Society of Nova Scotia
华协网站: www.cs-ns.com
华协家园: bbs.cs-ns.com 



今年的中秋晚会将同 SMU 大学孔子学院合办。北京师范大学学生艺术团应 SMU 大学孔子学院邀请将於 10 月 1 号来夏城













$10 (60 岁以上老人及学生)。


$ 20 成人。






b.家庭会员成人补贴$10 (每个家庭仅最多补贴两个成人和两张学生票,每个家庭最多$26)


  1. 单身会员只补贴一张成人票


补贴款凭网购凭据可以在 10 月华人协会年会时抵扣会费或年会聚餐餐费。






2017 年 8 月 30 日

Dear Members:


The Board is seeking nominations for two Directors since the term of two of our Board Directors will be expired at this year’s AGM (Annual General Meeting), in October 2017.


The main functions of the Board of Directors are to formulate policies and future directions of the Society.  In the past, the Board formulated and updated a few policies under the By-laws of the Society, and made numerous recommendations on activities of the Society on behalf of the Executive Committee and of our members.  The Board works closely with the Executive Committee through the President of the Society.


The By-laws of the Society require that a nominee must be an active member of the CSNS and in good standing for at least two consecutive years.  Preferably he or she has served as an officer of the Society.  If elected at the AGM, the nominee must be willing to serve as a Director for a term of three years, unless approved by the Board of Directors.


We encourage our members to submit your nomination(s) to the Secretary of the Board of Directors, Mr. Wilber Huang wilberwh@yahoo.com. The Board welcomes and encourages a self-nomination.  All nominations must be received by September 30, 2017.  We strongly recommend that consent of your nominee(s) were sought prior to your nomination submission(s).  Forms of nomination and consent are attached with this announcement.  A signed consent of a nominee has to be completed before a voting is announced at the AGM.


For further information about nomination and duties of the Board of Directors, please review the By-laws at the CSNS website, or contact Mr. Wilber Huang at wilberwh@yahoo.com.


Board of Directors

Chinese Society of Nova Scotia

Dear CSNS members,

Nominations for the 2017-2018 CSNS Executive Committee are now open. Seven (7) positions will need to be filled. Elections to these positions will be held in accordance with Section 17.6 stipulated in the CSNS by-laws. The CSNS Executive Committee invites members to nominate good standing members with a membership for the past three years.  Descriptions of these positions are listed below,


  • manages all affairs of the Society with its day to day business operations.

Vice President

  • fulfills the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  • chairs the Community Relationship and Fund-Raising Committee.
  • serves on the appointment committee for various business operations.


  • prepares and keeps the minutes of the EC meetings.
  • is responsible for the Society’s newsletters.


  •  is responsible for the day to day financial administration.
  •  prepares annual financial statement and accounting for the Society’s financial transactions.

Chair (Communication)

  •  is responsible for the publication and delivery of the newsletters, maintenance of the website, emails, etc.

Chair (Culture and Education)

  • is responsible for the cultural and educational affairs for the members and the general public.
  • promotes Chinese culture within Nova Scotia and beyond.

Chair (Health and Recreation)

  • is responsible for organizing the activities of the Society, including recreation and sports programs.

The deadline for the nominations is September 30, 2017. All members of the CSNS are encouraged to stand as nominators and/or nominees. Nomination and consent forms are attached to this email. All nominations with consent forms must be completed and returned to the CSNS Office by mail or by email with scanned documents to csnsca@gmail.com

A list of candidates will be presented to the members at the AGM meeting for election, which will be announced shortly.


The CSNS Executive Committee

August 8, 2017

The Chinese Society of Nova Scotia
华协网站: www.cs-ns.com
华协家园: bbs.cs-ns.com 



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带小孩的会员请注意,如果您的小孩过小需要看管,请确定他们在体育馆活动的时候有的大人看管。 谢谢您的参与!



Time: 周五/Friday,8:00 pm-09:45 pm。
地点/Location:École Secondaire d’Halifax High School
500 Larry Uteck Boulevard, Halifax


Dear Members,

Please be advised that the Gym opens on this Friday night from 20:00 to 21:45

Please change to indoor sport shoes before entering the gym. Children must be in custody of their parents while their playing in gym Also, Gym Rules and regulations shall be complied with during the activities.

We are looking forward to seeing you all.

Special Note: This week is the last weekly GYM activities before the summer break. The weekly GYM activities will resume at the first week of September. Happy Canada Day and Have a great summer!