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九月 2017



Dear Members:We are pleased to invite you and your family to attend the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Chinese Society of Nova Scotia. When: Saturday 7th October 2017 4-6 pmWhere: May Garden Banquet Restaurant (961 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, NS B4A 1A9) followed by a dinner (details enclosed). The AGM is an important constitutional gathering of the CSNS members to hear about the progress, recent and on-going developments and achievements of the Society during the past year. The AGM also provides a forum for members to discuss a variety of important Society matters. Every member is welcome to put forward any proposals and ideas for the future development of the Society. Please submit your proposals to the Society’s Secretary (csnsca@gmail.com) in writing at least 7 days before the AGM in order for them to be included in the meeting agenda.Voting members may make nominations for the Executive Committee to be elected at the AGM. This must be done by sending the nominee's

Dear members (particularly recent graduate and new immigrant):Please read the messages from Nova Scotia Office of Immigration below:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As part of our mandate to support economic growth in Nova Scotia, one of the priorities this year for the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration is international recruitment.We’ve been working with employers in Nova Scotia to help fill any labour gaps they may have. One of the businesses we have been working with has been looking to hire someone in business administration who is fluent in Chinese.We were interested in knowing whether there was a way to reach out to you and any international students/recent graduates who would be suitable for the position. Through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, the Atlantic International Graduate Program allows graduates with a job offer to submit an application for permanent resident without first having to obtain work experience.If there is someone you

亲爱的会员: 9月14-22日期间,厦门大学将由校领导带队,在美国德州、波士顿和加拿大哈利法克斯、滑铁卢举办数场人才招聘会,诚邀海外青年才俊与我们面对面交流。9月19日 加拿大哈利法克斯人才招聘会时间:14:00-16:00地点:CLARI, Atrium 340 (Located in the SMU Library Building)详情请见以下链接:http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/RK9jppoAdeQn4jH71eY67g (中文版)http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/idZ7vTQ6LNLIZ1HmXOkjqw (English Version)--华协The Chinese Society of Nova Scotiacsnsca@gmail.com902-702-0914华协网站: www.cs-ns.com华协家园: bbs.cs-ns.com 

各位会员: 今年的中秋晚会将同 SMU 大学孔子学院合办。北京师范大学学生艺术团应 SMU 大学孔子学院邀请将於 10 月 1 号来夏城 (哈发)演出,经协会与孔子学院多次协商,华协将作为演出协办单位组织并参与这次演出活动。  协会执委会决定将观看这次演出和华人协会惯例的中秋晚会结合起来,让会员通过观看祖国传统文化艺术节目的表演别开生面地度过一个中秋佳节!具体执行方案如下:  请参加观看演出的华协会员自已在演出购票网站购买票和选择座位(http://spatztheatre.tickethalifax.com) 票价: $10 (60 岁以上老人及学生)。 $ 20 成人。 华协执委决定给会员购票进行补贴,凭购票票据本协会会员可以享受: a.在规定年龄以內的老人或学生每张票补贴$3; b.家庭会员成人补贴$10 (每个家庭仅最多补贴两个成人和两张学生票,每个家庭最多$26)  单身会员只补贴一张成人票 补贴款凭网购凭据可以在 10 月华人协会年会时抵扣会费或年会聚餐餐费。  协会希望所有会员踊跃参加,并尽早登录购票网站购票和选择座位,共同欣赏一台由传统戏剧,中国武术和精彩纷呈的轻歌曼舞组成的中秋文艺晚会!华人协会执委会。 2017 年 8 月 30 日