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一月 2018


As Member of Parliament for Halifax West, I extend a warm welcome to the 2018 Chinese Society of Nova Scotia's Chinese New Year Banquet.As we celebrate the beginning of a new year, we look forward to continuing to strengthen our community connections.Chinese Canadians continue to play a significant role in shaping our culture and economy. As Canadians, we believe in the strength of our diversity as it helps us to grow and to foster new ideas for the future.I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!新年快乐Yours truly,Geoff Regan, M.P.Halifax WestSpeaker of the House of Commons

亲爱的会员(特别是55岁以上的移民朋友), 新省移民服务协会(isans)准备2月2日搞个Focus Group,召集新省55岁以上的移民,聚在一起讨论一下他(她)们在NS生活的经历(得到了哪些帮助,使用了哪些方面的服务,生活中有哪些障碍,希望在岁数更大后如何更有质量地生活,希望政府能有何举措等等)。虽然这个讨论不可能马上影响到政策的改变,但至少可以提供给这个年龄段的华人移民一个发声的机会。如果用英语交流还是有挑战,也可以在注册时,提出希望安排翻译的请求。详情请参看附件中的宣传页。如果愿意参加,请直接跟附件中提供的联系人联系注册。 Immigrants Age 55+, non-ISANS clients