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十一月 2018


亲爱的会员您好,圣诞节日临近!华人协会将定于以下时间和地点举办圣诞节庆祝晚会:时间:12月9日(周日) 6:30到9:30点地点:Saint Theresa Catholic Church (St. Theresa’s Church) 6351 North Street Halifax. NS B3L 1P7我们这次聚会仍然采用百家饭的形式 (potluck)。所以请您带够至少自己家庭食量的饭菜,如果您能够多带乐意和大家享受您的佳肴的话,我们将十分感激!为了增加此次活动的参与性与趣味性。本次聚会我们还将进行现场美食评比,将您的拿手菜肴带来评奖,有精彩大奖等着您!1)作为圣诞大餐的重中之重,我们特设最佳美味火鸡大奖。获奖者2名,每名将得到50刀的奖励!2)饭后甜点也是必不可少!我们特设最佳圣诞甜品大奖。获奖者2名,每名将得到30刀的奖励!3)除了传统圣诞食物以外,我们也有其他各地美食,我们特设全场最佳菜肴奖。获奖者2名,每名将得到20刀的奖励!同时,我们的宝宝们也不会无聊,我们还将设立儿童 Fun Game Zone, 一起制作姜饼屋。让孩子们可以增进友谊,体会团队合作的乐趣。家长请注意,您如果想给您的子女在晚会上一个惊喜的话,请准备好您给他们的礼物,我们将会在圣诞决尾声的时候由圣诞老人/使者派送您的礼物。谢谢您的关注,希望在聚会中与您的全家相见!在此祝愿华人协会全体会员,圣诞快乐!Dear Members,Happy Holiday Season!It’s another time of the year. The Chinese Society of Nova Scotia is hosting a Christmas Party on 9th December 2018 (Sunday).The party will be held in a form of potluck, attendee members are encouraged to bring your favorite food to the party. Since this is a well-attended party, it is recommended to bring enough food at least for your family needs and better more to share with other members. The CSNS will provide some additional food/drink during this event.We will have a “Most Favorable Dishes” competition and you may get a surprising reward. Please bring your master piece of cooking to attend the “competition”. There will be the following prizes:1 Best Gourmet Turkey Dinner Award, 2 prizes, each get $50 Cash home;2.