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11月 2018




时间:12月9日(周日) 6:30到9:30点
地点:Saint Theresa Catholic Church (St. Theresa’s Church) 6351 North Street Halifax. NS B3L 1P7

我们这次聚会仍然采用百家饭的形式 (potluck)。所以请您带够至少自己家庭食量的饭菜,如果您能够多带乐意和大家享受您的佳肴的话,我们将十分感激!





同时,我们的宝宝们也不会无聊,我们还将设立儿童 Fun Game Zone, 一起制作姜饼屋。让孩子们可以增进友谊,体会团队合作的乐趣。




Dear Members,
Happy Holiday Season!

It’s another time of the year. The Chinese Society of Nova Scotia is hosting a Christmas Party on 9th December 2018 (Sunday).

The party will be held in a form of potluck, attendee members are encouraged to bring your favorite food to the party. Since this is a well-attended party, it is recommended to bring enough food at least for your family needs and better more to share with other members. The CSNS will provide some additional food/drink during this event.

We will have a “Most Favorable Dishes” competition and you may get a surprising reward. Please bring your master piece of cooking to attend the “competition”. There will be the following prizes:
1 Best Gourmet Turkey Dinner Award, 2 prizes, each get $50 Cash home;
2. Best Desert Award, 2 prizes, each get $30 Cash;
3. Best Dish Award, 2 prizes, each get $20 Cash;

There will be a kids fun game zone for them to play the game and get into the holiday spirit, they will have chance to build ginger bread house together.
Gently remind young family parents to bring a wrapped gift for your kids with their name on. Our Santa will be distributing your gift to your children at the end of the party as always. It will sure bring a huge surprise to them.

When: December 9th, 2018, Sunday. 6:30pm- 9:30pm
Where: Saint Theresa Catholic Church (St. Theresa’s Church), 6351 North Street, Halifax, NS B3L 1P7

Mark this event on your calendar today! We look forward to seeing you all at the party.


The Chinese Society of Nova Scotia



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