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2016 Natal Day Parade

Province Chinese Association on August 1 2016 Natal Day Parade.

The annual Natal Day parade to celebrate the birthday of Halifax. March this year by the various bodies and agencies of the dozens of teams participate, tens of thousands of spectators watched, the streets filled with a thick atmosphere.
2016 natal 1
Nearly 50 volunteers with the Provincial Association of Chinese team is particularly striking, with vans steel drums, dragon dance, folk dance, drum corps, Chinese clothing team, followed by a brilliant performance.
Dragon Dance teams waving the symbol of the spirit of the Chinese Dragon, flying up and down, welcomed the audience and the kids surprise interactions.
National dance team members dressed in clothes of Chinese ethnic minorities, with the "AIamhan" folk singing and dancing.
2016 natal 2
Han Chinese clothing team girls are gentle and dignified, showing one of the world's oldest national dress–Chinese clothes.
Drum players wearing blue costumes, inspired by the orderly pace, tapping exciting drum became a highlight throughout the parade.
Strong Chinese elements in the China Team, were warmly welcomed by the audience from our troop build-up began, photography photo.Along the audience continued to clap our performance.Young boys coming from the road: 'Daddy, that's Chinese Dragon! "and several more audience cheered:" Number One! Number One!"
2016 natal 3
By March the platform, our procession was headed by the Lieutenant-Governor's senior officials were warmly applauded.Provincial immigration Minister Lena Diab jumped from the stands and ran and the dragon dance team photo.
2016 natal 8
In Canada the rich multi-cultural country and province Chinese Association has been committed to the promotion of Chinese culture, we are happy to parade the platform, showing Chinese costumes and dance along tens of thousands of spectators.
2016 natal 4
Our team won the parade organizing Committee issued the "The Most Orginal Entry" award. Halifax Metro newspaper headlines on our parade photos, and again in the reports on the pictures of our Dragon teams.
2016 natal 5
The success of the Natal Day Parade, Arts Club without China's efforts.As the Chinese Association's long-standing partner, who in a short period of two or three weeks, designed, arranged, rehearsed actions, overcoming all kinds of difficulties, seize the time to rehearse, put their hard work to the applause of the audience. Thank you!
2016 natal 6
Thank you dragon dance players, 2.5 km parade down, the players who have been completely soaked in sweat.
Hanfu Union, thanks to the new province, the students events participation and support, thanks to RTR car to help the Chinese Association.
2016 natal 7
Province Chinese Association activities and the development of volunteer members, want us to work together, to do more and better event!
2016 natal 9
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