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2016 Dragon Boat Festival

19th Manulife Dragon Boat Festival held on July 9, 2016, Lake Banook in Dartmouth.Dozens of dragon boat paddle boat in the competition strive.

After nearly 20 years of development, the Dragon this Chinese traditional water sports and has won popular, as part of Halifax summer an important sports event, is also an important activity we promote Chinese culture.
Province Chinese Association as one of the organizers, Oriental Express sent dragon boat team again this year, most of the players are the first exposure to the sport, but enthusiastic, full of spirit.
Province Association of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Organization performing the flute, zither, musical instruments, and graceful dances, shows and Chinese tea, offers Chinese cuisine.
Dragon Boat Festival as well as a variety of performances, food and dining, children's and family activities, attracting a large audience.
Thank our provincial association of Chinese dragon boat team, they are:
Chen Shen, and Hu Baifan, and Lily, Han lu, and Pei Linlin, and Zhu Jiaqi, and Shi Huiqi, and Liu Chen, and Zheng Ying, and Dan Lianwei, and Zhou Juan, teaching wainscots, Jim Han, and Tong Ying, Zhang Congying, and Huang Zipeng, Lei Shi, and Wang open, and Lu Junfeng, and Tony, and Chen hua, and Johnny Ye, and Ye Longsen, Huang Liang, Jiang Lei etc.(If any omissions please forgive me)
Thanks to our Chinese art performances from the players at the Club.
Thanks to fast food of Osaka Tai Pan of food for sponsoring.


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