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Chinese Association of 2016 (h) annual spring dinner and Lantern Festival party successfully held

Chinese Association of 2016 (h) annual spring dinner and Lantern Festival party after months of careful preparation by the Organizing Committee has been successfully held.

Attend the spring dinner guest of Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia province (HisHonourBrigadier-GeneraltheHonourableJ.J.Grant,CMM,ONS,CD(Ret'd)LieutenantGovernorofNS),TheHonourableGeoffRegan,SpeakeroftheHouseofCommons , On behalf of Honourable Tony Ince, Governor of Nova Scotia, Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage, and Mike Savage, Mayor of Halifax.

Chinese Canada Embassy Ambassador Luo ZhaoHui sent congratulations.Get over this spring dinner the participants ' high praise, Lieutenant-Governor is also posted on their Facebook information, highly commended the Chinese Association to host 2016 (h) annual spring dinner, dinner size pattern, the entire activity organization ordered rigorous, theatrical choreography, performances of the wonderful rich, give proper evaluation and praise.All of this information makes the Chinese Association Executive Committee, Member of the Board of directors were pleased.

2016 gala1

There is no doubt that in recent years, the Association of Chinese Spring Festival lunar new year dinner, a good year after year.All of this is the hard work of the members of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, there is close cooperation with Chinese culture and Arts Club, for all the support that each Chinese associations, business elite for their collaboration and generosity, a large number of unknown dedication of volunteers.So, it is no exaggeration to say: this is the achievement of all the Chinese, which is the pride of all Chinese!We sincerely thank the dedication of all persons concerned, thank you!

2016 gala2

To let more lived overseas of Chinese feel to China traditional festival of joy, share we common of achievements, Chinese Association and China Art Club in spring dinner Hou, homeopathic held has HA method Chinese community first of Lantern literary party, let those because all reasons and didn't can participate in spring dinner of people watch to spring dinner of literary program, while, also launched part businesses continues to sponsored, let participate in Lantern party of mass also can in spring of cheerful atmosphere in the get accident of surprise.

2016 gala3

Although the party the same day (February 20), a rare rain falls but still stopped many people visiting the pace, according to incomplete statistics, there are about more than more than 260 people took part in the National Association of Chinese Lantern Festival performances organized by the party for the first time.That is Chinese community services Association of Chinese's pioneering move.

2016 gala4

At this point, the Chinese new year activities of the Association can be said to compare perfect draw to an end.In order to do better next year's new year party here, I hope you continue to support and participate actively in the work of the Chinese Association, 2017 to celebrate the new year dinner suggestions to offer.


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