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拿省华人协会2018年母亲节庆祝活动 CSNS 2018 Mother’s Day Party

拿省华人协会2018年母亲节庆祝活动 CSNS 2018 Mother’s Day Party

亲爱的会员 (Dear Members),请关注以下母亲节聚会通知 (Please see the CSNS Mother’s Day Party Poster below)。

主办:拿省华人协会2017-2018执委会 Organize d by CSNS 2017-2018 Executive Committee

地点 / Location:Chinatown Restaurant, 381 Bedford Highway Halifax, B3M 2L4

时间 / Date:12:30pm, Saturday, May 12, 2018

母亲节庆祝活动是拿省华人协会会员福利活动餐厅场地有限 请会员网上报名参加活动的准确人数携带会员卡。 非会员欢迎入会。

The party is for CSNS members only, please bring your membership card with you. Restaurant seats are limited,please register online.



Online Registration link https://goo.gl/forms/ LbqynrBj0D7LicQy1

参加费用 / Fee:会员家庭中母亲免费(限家庭会员中的一位母亲) Free for mothers in member’s family (limited to one mother with one family membership)

成人每人 $25 /Per Person for Adult

儿童(10 岁及以下 ) 每人 $12/ child (10 years old and below )儿童餐单独桌不与大人同( child dishes are on separate table different from adults)

4岁以下 免费 free for less than 4 years old

菜单 / Menu:海鲜鱼肚汤,烧鸭,炸子鸡,水煮鱼,美极虾,四季豆, 牛肉唐兰, 茄子煲,咕老肉,鸡蛋炒饭,甜点芝麻球

由于是正餐的方式, 请要参加的会员务必在网上报名参加活动的准确人数, 以便我们安排座位,没有提前做网上登记的届时无法安排。 如果您 的家人和朋友愿意坐一起出席活动,请在报名表上说明, 我们尽力给您安排座位。

Dear member, please register in advance in order for us to arrange the tables. Without the registration we can not guarantee your seat that day. If you know your friends already registered and are willing to sit with them, please indicate in the form.

 Thank you very much.

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