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2016 Province Association of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival tea party

The night of September 17, 2016, provincial association of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival tea party held in Kazakh law in French schools.6:30, you and the volunteers began decorating the main venue, a clear division of labor, we intensively work.

Gradually, the members began arriving at the venue, all in an orderly manner at the venue gate 
Sign in and apply for membership updates, and sat down.Before long, the Hall bustling up.Adults and children are met each other's friends and peers, all talking and laughing.Tea party members have sponsored by Casino playing cards for everyone to use.
Venue side made drinks and sliced cakes for your tea party during a edible.Each table has nuts and fruits and a variety of snacks.
7:30, mid-autumn tea party officially began.Two facilitators did a wonderful opening, Hikone, President of the floor to Honourable Members on the holiday season. , They began with a variety of free activities, play poker, play mahjong, chatting, singing karaoke OK … … We joke, ate and played.
During the evening as well as award-winning guess riddles as well as draw, everybody will be on stage to participate in active, quizzes.The party prize is very rich, many businesses have given strong support.Prizes, and has a lot of lucky families got more prizes!
In the evening, we met new friends in the game, also won the Grand Prize, everyone is very happy.9:30, was supposed to end the party, everyone is too hard to play, have no meaning to be dispersed, leaving when they are coming.The Mid-Autumn Festival evening is a complete success.
Once again thanks to RTR, WOW hot pot restaurants, Jingdezhen ceramics company, Happy Kids Indoor playground, Yonghe restaurant strong support!Our AGM this year bye!



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