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十二月 2017


Dear Members, Just a reminder to members who have not renewed their membership for 2017/2018, we accept payment via email transfer: csnsca@gmail.com. Once you made the e-transfer, please send your name and mailing address to csnsca@gmail.com. We will ship the new membership card to your designated mailing address. Annual membership fee: $40/family, $20/single member Valid to: Sep 30 2018 亲爱的会员, 提醒本年度目前尚未续约的会员,我们接受通过电子邮件转账付款:csnsca@gmail.com。一旦您完成电子转帐,请将您的姓名和邮寄地址发送至csnsca@gmail.com。我们将把新的会员卡邮寄到您指定的邮寄地址。 年会费:$40/家庭, $20/个人 有效期至:2018年9月30日

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亲爱的会员您好, 圣诞节日临近。华人协会将定于以下时间和地点举办圣诞节庆祝晚会:   时间: 2017 年 12月17号,晚5点半到9点。 地点:  Panda Buffet, Westphal Plaza, 100 Main St, Dartmouth, NS B2W 4S8   我们这次聚会是在熊猫自助餐, 会员餐费(已含税和服务费) 成人 $20, 儿童 (4-9岁) $10. 华协为各位会员提供补助,会员付半价享受价值每人$20元的就餐标准 (但家庭会员最多不超过$30,个人会员最多$10)。 我们在活动中还会有小礼品抽奖。 具体参加费用 / Fee: 10岁及以上   每人 $10 /Per Person for 10 years old and above 4-9岁             每人 $5 for 4-9 years old 3岁及以下     免费 free for less than 3 years old   家长请注意,您如果想给您的子女在晚会上一个惊喜的话,请准备好您给他们的礼物,我们将会在圣诞决尾声的时候由圣诞老人派送您的礼物。   谢谢您的关注,希望在聚会中和您和您的全家相见!   请提前准备零钱和带上会员卡 我们欢迎非会员参加此次活动,现场将提供加入拿省华人协会的服务。新会员家庭年费40元,个人年费20元。   菜单 / Menu: 烧鸭、时令蔬菜、回锅肉、糖醋鱼、炸鸡块、青椒牛肉、炸虾、多春鱼、炒花蛤、炒蘑菇、洋葱圈、烤排骨、烤猪肉、芝麻球 等 晚会过程中还有幸运大抽奖,请在入场时领取抽奖券。 请准备参加晚会的朋友提前登记家庭参加的人数。点击以下链接填写登记表。 https://goo.gl/forms/HHPLUqHvvhXQU7U32   拿省华人协会执委会     Dear Members,   Happy Holiday Season!   The Chinese Society of Nova Scotia is hosting a Christmas Party on 17 December 2017 (Sunday).   The party will be held in Panda Buffet Restaurant at Dartmouth.  You will enjoy the delicious food, meet old and new friends. We will have some door price at this event. Wish you a good luck. The fee for this event for our members (Tax and gratuity included) is Adult: $20 Children (4-9 years old) $10;Free for less than 3 years old   The CSNS will compensate half of the cost for each family (but the maximum compensation is $30 per family member, $10 per single member). You pay: $10 /Per Person for 10 years old and above $5 for 4-9 years old Free for less than 3 years old   Gently remind young