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Vacancy in the Board of Directors of the CSNS 2017/2018

Dear Members:


The Board is seeking nominations for two Directors since the term of two of our Board Directors will be expired at this year’s AGM (Annual General Meeting), in October 2017.


The main functions of the Board of Directors are to formulate policies and future directions of the Society.  In the past, the Board formulated and updated a few policies under the By-laws of the Society, and made numerous recommendations on activities of the Society on behalf of the Executive Committee and of our members.  The Board works closely with the Executive Committee through the President of the Society.


The By-laws of the Society require that a nominee must be an active member of the CSNS and in good standing for at least two consecutive years.  Preferably he or she has served as an officer of the Society.  If elected at the AGM, the nominee must be willing to serve as a Director for a term of three years, unless approved by the Board of Directors.


We encourage our members to submit your nomination(s) to the Secretary of the Board of Directors, Mr. Wilber Huang wilberwh@yahoo.com. The Board welcomes and encourages a self-nomination.  All nominations must be received by September 30, 2017.  We strongly recommend that consent of your nominee(s) were sought prior to your nomination submission(s).  Forms of nomination and consent are attached with this announcement.  A signed consent of a nominee has to be completed before a voting is announced at the AGM.


For further information about nomination and duties of the Board of Directors, please review the By-laws at the CSNS website, or contact Mr. Wilber Huang at wilberwh@yahoo.com.


Board of Directors

Chinese Society of Nova Scotia

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